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"Be You"!

Essentiallyurs Handrolled Incenses:

Freshen up your space with our strong Handrolled Incense: 

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Our Price: $1.00/Pk of 10 sticks

Essential Oils
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Essential Oil Men, Women and Unisex Inventory

Our inventory is updated frequently. So, If you do not see your fragrance listed on the inventory you can contact us or request it below in the Fragrance Request field below.

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Aroma Therapy
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Essentiallyurs Gift Set includes:

Essential Oil, Body Spray, Lotion, Shower Gel scented with your choice fragrance.

Our Price: $20.00

Featured Products: Essentional Oils and Hand Rolled Incense


​Gift Sets may be of any essential oil from the above inventory. essential oils skin care alcohol free

Air Aroma's
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Essentiallyurs Air Aromas:

Freshen up your space with our strong 2oz Air Aroma Sprays: Black Grape, Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Kisses, Obama, and Coco Mango.

Our Price: $4.00

Essentiallyurs Essential Oils:

Essential Oil in a 1/3 ounces roll-on glass bottle.

Our Price: $10.00